The Human Project - HMY

The Human Project

It is evident that, at times, we forget that those who enter our stores are not just visitors and that those who buy from stores are not just customers. They are all people like you who read this article, or like me who wrote it.

Each person is unique, and not by their ID (identification number) or their account number, but by their emotions, thoughts and desires.

HMY is a group of people who make stores for people. We want every experience that is created in the spaces we design to be as unique as the people who visit them. We know that when two people enter a store, the intentions and desires of one can be (and surely are) very different from those of the other. That is why we create spaces in which all intentions and desires fit. We create spaces not for our clients, but for the people who will visit them.

The Human Project: humanizing the store experience

At HMY, we launched The Human Project, a new concept to humanize retail and remember that stores are a space for interaction between people where wishes and desires are fulfilled.

It is a vision in which we want to put people in the center. Not only to the client, not only to visitors, not only to our audience as abstract entities, but to people in a unique and individual way.

Discover a new experience in EuroShop

At EuroShop 2020 we want to take this opportunity to introduce each and every one of you this concept. You can visit the different spaces that we have created with different solutions adapted to the diverse needs that people have when they enter a store.

Find out firsthand by visiting us in Hall 13 Stand A47. We will be waiting for you and looking forward to speaking with you to get to know you better.