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Experiential spaces in a sector defined by constant innovation

Experiential spaces in a sector defined by constant innovation

HMY Competences in Telecom

End to end projects - Design & Build

Space and concept design

Engineering & Manufacturing

Shelving & System furniture

Bespoke furniture


Visual Communication


Logistics & Installation

The advancement of technologies and the Internet has spearheaded the rapid spread of telecom brands and distributors.

Customers today expect top and tailor-made experiences to convince them venture into the store. At HMY, we are one of the strategic suppliers of top brands and retailers and we deliver a wide variety of different categories of solutions, furniture designs, new store concepts, customized tech & green solutions, installation and maintenance of delivered furniture, brand campaign activations etc. to reach all your end consumers.

A look at a few projects we have developed for some of our customers in the Telecom sector. Worldwide and in all formats

Some of our main clients in Telecom

Telecom industry successful cases

Our expert track record of over 60 years has enabled projects like these:

We accompany Vodafone in the international rollout of its «New Generation» stores, in which design, technology and sustainability are the 3 main keys to its success.

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