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Whether it is a jewellery, fashion, sports or high-end telecom store environment, our experience and top-quality craftsmanship allow us to tackle any project.

We master bespoke spaces thanks to our experience in design and engineering on any material for premium fashion brands. Each project is unique, and we pay attention to detail in each of them, applying handcrafted finishes, taking care of the lighting and product display, applying technologies that enrich the experience.


Sports is one of the sectors that most benefits from our 360 approach. Digital technology, visual communication and customised lighting solutions can be integrated into your projects.


The display of the product - the glasses - and the integration of the lighting in the furniture have a special relevance, together with the integration of digital technology in each luminaire. Moreover attention to details it is also important; easily extractable lower drawers. All of this, applying multiple materials: bronze, glass, mirrors, wood, steel...


We always keep in mind that in the Telecom sector, digital and physical go hand in hand. We understand the details needed to work in this industry, be it flagship or shop-in-shop. That's why we have carried out projects for Huawei, Vodafone, Oppo, Xiaomi...


Our 360 approach is clearly evident in every project we carry out. Your one stop partner: C&D, General Contracting, Furniture, Assembly, Sustainability, Visual Communication, Technologies, Lighting.


Thanks to our experience and the close collaboration with our partners, we are able to work with any material. You prescribe or we help you to prescribe the right materials.

We are constantly searching for new materials to offer the best solutions to our customers.
According to the project finishes specifications HMY selects the materials based on their technical properties.


Mogu cutting-edge technology is based on mycelium, the vegetative stage of mushrooms.

Re.vita Mogu

Wood-like materials



Wood-like materials

Wood-like Sublimated. Sublimation is an industrial process which allows the decoration of metal parts.


Wood-like materials

Acoustic elements made of cork for walls and ceilings.

Re.vita Cork

Wood-like materials


Bricks or tiles made from at least 60% recycled material. Suitable for indoors and outdoors. It can be customized in color, shapes and sizes.


Stone-like Materials

Stone-like Sublimated. Sublimation is an industrial process which allows the decoration of metal parts.


Stone-like Materials

Nirvana metal like appearance


Stone-like Materials

Polygood is a material made from 100% recycled plastic (PS) from waste such as refrigerators, cutlery, electronics or industrial consumables.


Stone-like Materials


Monocrom Vibration - oxydised effect

Thermo-laminated compact - Polyrey

Metal-like Materials

ALUCOBOND® is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a fire-retardant or non-combustible mineral-filled core that stands for sustainable construction quality and the highest creative standards.


Metal-like Materials

Made from recycled wood. Eco-sustainable board from the raw material.

Wood - Alcatraz Dark

Metal-like Materials

Bespoke successful cases

Our expert track-record of over 60 years has enabled projects like these

Qatar is now home to Printemps, the prestigious Parisian department store, launching for the first time outside of France in a strategic location: DOHA OASIS Mall.

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A truly comprehensive project, in which we carried out everything from consultancy and concept design to the installation of many of its flagships.

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Deutsche Bank

With an extension of more than 1.500 sq meters, this flagship is the largest football store in all Europe

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Futbol Emotion

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