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Public Tendering & Smart Cities


Innovation that drives us beyond retail

Innovation that drives us beyond retail

HMY Competences in Public Tendering & Smart Cities

Space and concept design

Engineering & Manufacturing

Bespoke furniture

Project management


Visual Communication


SmartECO solutions

General contracting

Logistics & Installation

Public Tendering & Smart Cities is the result of our vision to create a smarter and more sustainable future. We firmly believe that eco-design and technology can make a significant difference to people's lives and to the development of thriving communities.

This sector has provided us with a unique platform to apply our extensive experience in all things placemaking to projects with a broader scope and a more meaningful purpose:

• Urban Transformation: Through public tendering projects, we are revitalising urban areas and creating vibrant spaces that adapt to society's changing needs.

• Technologies for the Future: We integrate cutting-edge technologies to improve urban infrastructure, increase efficiency and enhance citizens' quality of life.

• Solutions with Purpose: This sector includes projects with a greater purpose. We are committed to creating spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also have a positive impact on society and the environment.

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