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At HMY we want to be the driving force behind the transformation of future retail and for this it is vital to have a positive social impact on people and the environment.

Our goal is to achieve a sustainable retail that is beneficial to the planet, committed to society and profitable for companies. We are differentiated by our commitment to value engineering with sustainable objectives.

What is SmartEco?

It is our specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and ongoing commitment that seeks efficiency in the supply chain of the products we develop for our customers. This evolves towards a sustainable production model based on the circular economy and conceptualized from ecodesign.

Value for our customers. SmartEco.

The benefits for you

We believe that improving the commitment to sustainability is a challenge for you, which is why the SmartEco project translates into five specific benefits for you and your projects:


Planning projects from the very beginning so they are sustainable.

Carbon footprint

Analysing, reducing and compensating the environmental impact in everything we do.

Second life

Recovering and managing our clients´ goods in order to give them a second life.

Circular economy

Transforming our clients´ waste in resources for new products.


Guaranteeing the certification of everything we do and, together, converting sustainability in the true driver/value that makes us advance.

HMY ESG Certifications

ISO 14001

Certificate for Environmental Management System


Certificate for Environmental Management System

ZERO Waste

Certificate for Sustatainability and Circular Economy

ISO 14006

Certificate for Ecodesign

I reduce, compensate, calculate.

Certificate for Carbon Footprint Reduction

Lean & green

Certificate for Carbon Footprint Reduction


Forest Stewardship Council


Certificate for Chain of Custody


Certificate for Social Responsibility

ISO 9001

Certificate for Quality Management

ISO 45001

Certificate for Security and Health at work

Aragón Circular

Certificate for Sustatainability and Circular Economy

Global Recycled Standard

Certificate for Sustatainability and Circular Economy

EcoVadis 2022

Certificate for ESG rating



Spanish National Energy Efficiency Fund

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Sustainable logistics

HMY is a member of Lean & Green, the largest European collaboration platform especially aimed at reducing emissions associated with the supply chain. The company has received its second Lean & Green Star for having achieve a 42% reduction in our logistics processes since 2017. This reinforces our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our logistics activities to achieve the goals defined at the Paris Climate Summit (COP21) for carbon neutral emissions by 2050.

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