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Paris, France

Built on two levels, the aim of this new 2,500m² space is to attract a diverse clientele, whether international, passing through or local. A variety of customers and a location that is very different from those of the brand’s usual outlets


The hypermarket offers a very attractive 700 m² space dedicated to fresh products. The Fleg7 range of fruit and vegetable units occupy a central position in the shop. The bakery units harmoniously complete this first level.


The lower level is dedicated to the FMCG departments, the fresh food units, the beauty world, the promotion area, the wine cellar and a superb sausage offer

In order to offer a successful customer experience,HMY has developed several clever and eye-catching features. The height of the Fleg7 cabinet brings the product closer to the customers’ view. The integration of a cash management module in the reception area as well as in a rear bin of our Axis range of checkouts. In the cellar, the grand cru displays highlight the choice bottles. The cellar is made up of bottomless gondolas to facilitate the passage of bottles from one side or the other and also allow the space to be opened up when the gondolas are empty.

A targeted and refined visual communication completes the aesthetics and the personalisation of the entire sales area with, among others:

The arches at the head of the gondolas integrating magnetic signage of the aisles in French and English. The expression of “food and wine” pairings on the arch of the cellar as well as the map of French vineyards affixed with stickers to facilitate the consumer’s choice. The numbering of the cases on a wood-coloured background was chosen to cover the base of the Axis checkout line.

Located in a strategic area in the heart of Paris, E.Leclerc Gaîté Montparnasse attracts nearly 3,000 customers a day!

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