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Do you know our ethical channel?

HMY makes an Ethics Channel available to employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders that allows them to report the possible commission of an infraction or any breach of the company's code of ethics or internal regulations.

If you think there may be any irregular behavior or contrary to these rules, you can notify us confidentially or anonymously through this form.

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Frequent asked questions

What type of reports can I file through the HMY Ethics Channel?

You can report any type of action which contravenes our Code of Ethics, which may generate a conflict, or which constitutes regulatory non-compliance.

Is my safety and confidentiality guaranteed when I use the HMY Ethics Channel?

All communications are processed in accordance with the principles of respect and confidentiality.

Neither the characteristics or content of the communication will be disclosed outside of the authorised bodies. With this system it is ensured that the identity of both the whistleblower and the reported party will be kept confidential during all stages of the process once the report is received.

With the identification of the whistleblower, we wish to safeguard the precision and integrity of the information received related with the facts communicated.

*It is strictly prohibited to communicate the data of the whistleblower to the reported party or to any other person not designated within the Compliance and/or Investigating Body.

It is guaranteed that there will be no reprisals of any type toward the whistleblower derived from communication of an offence. The rights of the reported party are also guaranteed during the process.

The content of the Law on Data Protection will be complied with at all times.

How can I access the Ethics Channel?

You can enter with the following credentials:

Password: HMY01

Once your communication is finished, a unique incident number will be assigned. You can use it to maintain communication with those responsible for the Channel. Additionally, you can contact us through the following postal address: MAIO LEGAL; A/A. Gerencia; Calle de Alcalá, 75, 1º 28009 Madrid.

Who receives your report?

The Ethics Channel is initially managed by independent experts outside of HMY, who will analyse the report and/or consultation, subsequently transferring it to the Compliance Body of HMY, always ensuring that no conflict of interests exists.

What happens when I report an irregularity through the HMY Ethics Channel?

When you report an irregularity through the Channel, the Compliance Body will receive it and will take charge of managing it.

It will analyse the information that you provide and will make one of the following 3 decisions, taking the evidence provided into account:

It will accept the report and will initiate an investigation file.
It will accept the report and will complete the analysis when the content is irrelevant, the information is insufficient, or the facts are implausible or incomplete.
If it considers no offence to have occurred, it will not accept the report and will complete the preliminary analysis.

What happens if I have been reported?

The following will be guaranteed:

- That the investigated party is aware of the investigation, as well as a summary of the reported facts.
- Being informed of personal data processing, the purpose of the data, and the party responsible for this file.
- The presumption of innocence and the right of defence of the investigated party.