People First - HMY

We care. We really do.

People First

We give people what they need to thrive, respecting their integrity and diversity and guaranteeing equal opportunities.

Our success comes from the team. People are the asset that moves our project, our clients, employees and suppliers.

A work philosophy in which we try to promote personal growth and continuous training; family conciliation, so that they work happily and come home happier.

A spirit that is nourished by our commitment: We do what we say and say what we do.

Our Culture

These are the beliefs and behaviors that determine how our employees and management interact theyselves for evolve day by day.


Quality in all the details

Every detail counts. We strive to give the best of who we are and what we do.


Eagerness to learn and evolve

Develop to the maximium of our abilites, where attitude is essential.


Agility and predisposition to change

To be able to settle in the change will be what sets us apart.


Seamless teams

The limit of our results is not in our individual capacity: its in our capacity to interact and colaborate.


Creativity and purpose

Experiment with courage and responsability in order to learn and obtain better results.

We believe in the people who belong to, or collaborate, with our company and we maintain the utmost respect for them.

We encourage their continuous training as a way of personal and professional enrichment . We trust people and give them the right to make mistakes as a method of learning. Each member of the HMY team can, and must, innovate by providing creative ideas that guarantee the improvement of their work.

We are concerned about our employees' health and well-being in their work-place , as well as the development of a full family life. We believe in work value, humility and personal effort as a means to achieve great goals. And we seek to maintain a work environment where we can all enjoy and have fun working and trusting so that all members can carry out our work without fear.

We want to transmit this philosophy in the surrounding society, also working for equality within it and the integration of people at risk of social exclusion.

Humility and Courage.

Two principles that, from the vision of our founders, accompany us and drive us to build HMY together every day.

For how she gets involved in each project by changing the traditional way of doing things and finding the best solution for each need.

SANDRA. Technical Office


For always trying to go beyond what has been asked and exceeding expectations. And for sharing his knowledge and spreading his enthusiasm.



Because in a short time he has been able to be versatile in all the positions in his section. He is a person who listens and knows how to learn from his mistakes.

RAMIRO. Manufacturing


From his beginnings in the warehouse to being in charge of the technical office. At every stage he has grown, helping his teams and the entire company to grow.

CELES. Technical Office


For his leadership, commitment and great ability to always find alternatives to all the difficulties that arise in an assembly.



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