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Retail technology

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We integrate the latest technology to transform your stores into live experiences.

We integrate the latest technology to transform your stores into live experiences.

Retail Technology

Shopping experience

Optimization of processes

Retail analytics

Tech furniture

At HMY we are technology integrators. We maximize efficiency and profitability in retail.

1) Shopping experience. We transform stores into profitable experiences.
Digital communication, interactive solutions, immersive experiences, olfatory marketing, sound engineering.

2) Optimization of processes. We make store processes more efficient.
Auto payment, Click & Collect, shift management and Single queue, Digital assistants and Digital Store, Process automation, Digital expert.

3) Retail analytics. We help brands and retailers understand the behaviour of their customers in order to learn, test and improve its performance.
Store traffic, Capacity control, heat maps, consumer behavior, big data and BI.

4) Tech furniture. We create the furniture of the future.
Dynamic furniture, sensor integration, connected furniture, planogram management, smart labelers.

Xiaomi Spain store Telecom
Vodafone Istanbul store Telecom
Huawei Barcelona flagship store Telecom
Honor shop in shop Telecom
Phone House store Lisbon Telecom
TCL Madrid store Telecom

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Our experience for over 60 years as global leaders in retail solutions and human capital.

Foot District is what is known in business terms as a "pure player": a business model born for online sales.

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