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We are the best partner to start the trip.

We are the best partner to start the trip.

HMY Competences in Travel Retail

End to end projects - Design & Build

Space and concept design

Engineering & Manufacturing

Shelving & System furniture

Bespoke furniture


Visual Communication


SmartECO solutions

Logistics & Installation

In a world of highly demanding standards in terms of safety, legislation and versatility of premises and operating procedures, we feature our highly-skilled professionals to get everything covered and ready to fly.

Each year, over 1 billion people travel internationally. At HMY we are leaders in Shopfitting Travel retail projects, thanks to our historical expertise which, together with the specific operational specialisation, allows us to intervene in high-security and complex airports around the world.

Our global production network, as well as our international Project Managers, allow us to develop the best travel solutions through highly qualified teams of specialists in global deployments, country-specific legislation and in coordinating an agile and flexible response to the needs of the operators and brands that hire your spaces.

A look at a few projects we have developed for some of our customers in the travel retail sector. Worldwide and all formats

Some of our main clients in travel

Travel Retail industry successful cases

Our expert track record of over 60 years has enabled projects like these:

Jeddah is one of the most visited destinations in Saudi Arabia, and its impressive new airport terminal represents the most innovative and modern development.

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Al Musbah

Lagardère inaugurates a unique multi-format sales room at the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

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