The retail world evolves every day. And so do we. - HMY

The retail world evolves every day. And so do we.

HMY Group new corporate image

HMY Group new corporate image

We were born more than 60 years ago with a very clear objective: to solve our customers’ needs. Since then, our approach has not changed, but we have grown. We have added new partners, brands and retailers, we have improved our processes, we have expanded into new geographies and we have increased the HMY family.

Retail is about much more than just physical spaces: it is about creating living spaces, providing value and generating memorable experiences. And this, with the ecological transition and digital transformation as key levers, is what we do at HMY:

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Building life into spaces

Today is a very special day for all of us because we are launching a new corporate image with which we don’t feel different, but rather more comfortable:

Because it arises from our own evolution, from the learning we experience with each client, with each project.

Because it represents the company that we have built together over the years.

Because it speaks of who we are and what we do, where we come from and where we are going.

And the fact is that, although we have renewed our image, we are still HMY, we are still working:

To continue to focus on people, on our teams, who are the key to our success.

To accompany our customers, offering a comprehensive service 361, understanding their needs and those of their end customer.

To guarantee their satisfaction, taking care of every detail and ensuring the highest quality in all the phases of the project.

To have a global impact, through the work of local teams.

To build a better world, promoting the circular economy and constant innovation in our products and services to minimise their environmental impact.


This is what we discovered

Let your store tell your story.

Because our heart is where your store is.
Because we are retail thinkers and space makers.
Because we are the global-local partner that you need.

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