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Our presence at Euroshop 2023, the most important retail fair in the world

From 26 February to 2 March 2023, we attended Euroshop in Dusseldorf to present the latest trends and developments in the retail world.

A perfect ocassion for our customers and retail addicts to discover some of our most important projects. Projects from dfferent sectors developed all over the world with the ecological transition and digital transformation as key levers.


Sustainability and Technology, at the heart of HMY’s vision of retail

We have set ourselves a clear purpose: to reinvent retail, together with our customers, to transform cities and to improve the planet.

That's why we work under the Tech & Green concept, accompanying our customers in their digital transformation and ecological transition challenges.

The Tech & Green concept, transversal to the whole company, was the focal point of our stand, present in everything. From the design of the spaces and the furniture (in which we integrated sustainable materials and technological solutions adapted to the needs of each sector) to the very concept of the space itself and the actions implemented.

These actions included “One visit, one tree”: For each visit we had, we committed ourselves to plant a tree in the HMY forest in Cariñena, our Center of Excellence. Through a simple website, the customer could sponsor this tree by including their email address and the name they had chosen for their tree.


One space and three different areas to meet all kinds of needs:

Systems area

Our shelving systems provide great versatility and multiplies possibilities for displaying products to be sold:

Wine cellar: The design is based on the P25 structure to which we add layers of value thanks to the incorporation of other materials. The furniture, made with different sustainable materials, integrates a large panoramic LED screen that glorifies the product and displays promotional offers. An interactive wine recommender is also integrated. It indicates the location of the selected product and launches specific content on the panoramic display.

DIY: This space mixes exposure for professional and amateur buyer in a TECH & GREEN concept. Based on M5 structure, we incorporated several sustainable materials and a lightbox for visual communication. In addition, we integrated a product recommendation system that helps the buyer to choose the product they need. Next to the mural there is a totem where the extended catalogue application, kitchen configurator and Click & Cart metrics developed for Leroy Merlin (Spain) are displayed.

Bakery: With the appearance of a modern oven and with versatility as its main objective, this piece has been manufactured with sustainable materials. The slats from recycled fish boxes stand out in particular. The back panel incorporates a perimeter light that simulates the traditional colours of an oven through low-energy lighting.

Bulk: With our BULK solutions we open the door to a type of selling that avoids the use of packaging and reduces the generation of plastic waste. In the central column we incorporate an intelligent scale, capable of detecting the product extracted by the buyer to facilitate the weighing operation. Different sustainable materials have been used in the manufacture of the furniture, such as recycled board of cellulose origin.

Health & Beauty: The mural displayed in this area is developed with several Smarteco products. Visual communication and merchandising elements are added as well as several brand-oriented displays. In terms of technology, we integrated narrow format LED touch screens with interactive content. The mural is accompanied by two small gondolas with a consistent design. In one of the gondola modules a 360º LED screen is implemented on which a product is displayed levitating by means of a system of magnets.

Checkout area: Thanks to our modular checkout design, we offer different solutions for the payment area, adapting to our client’s needs. At Euroshop 2023, we included Infini and Self-Checkout systems.

Bespoke area

We master bespoke spaces thanks to our experience in design and engineering of any kind of retail spaces:

Luxury: Whether it's a jewellery, fashion, sports or high-end toy shop environment, our experience and top-quality craftsmanship allow us to tackle any luxury project. In this space we have incorporated both premium and designer materials (leather, glass, bronze, lacquer...) as well as customised lighting. It is a window to one of our high standing projects, such as the Printemps Mall in Doha (Qatar).

Banking: Our 361 approach is clearly evident in this project we carried out for a client to whom we offered a compehensive service. Consulting & Design, Civil Works, Furniture, Assembly, Sustainability, Visual Communication, Technologies, Lighting services were offered. We can help you at every stage of your project!

Fashion: We master bespoke spaces thanks to our experience in design and engineering on any material (in this case, wood and bronze) for fashion brands. Each project is unique, and we pay attention to detail in each of them, applying handcrafted finishes, taking care of the lighting and product display, applying technologies that enrich the experience (in this case, an interactive totem).

Optics: In this sector, the display of the product (the glasses) and the integration of the lighting in the furniture have a special relevance. We also integrated digital technology in each luminaire. In addition, attention has been paid to the easily extractable lower drawers. All of this, applying multiple materials: bronze, glass, mirrors, wood, steel... We know how important the scalability and industrialisation of the furniture is for each brand. That's why we offer our value engineering to all our customers, in order to successfully tackle any optics (flagship or a shop-in-shop).

Telecom: We always keep in mind that in the Telecom sector, digital and physical go hand in hand. In the centre of this small Telecom table display we implemented a digital ink rotating screen. We understand the details needed to work in this industry, be it flagship or shop-in-shop. That's why we have carried out projects for Huawei, Vodafone, Oppo, Xiaomi...

Restaurant area

In our restaurant area, as well as being able to share pleasant moments with our visitors, we carry out an important social responsibility action:

One meal, one donation: For every meal we served at the stand, we were able to donate 4 meals to people at risk of malnutrition in Zambia.

Missed EuroShop?

Click on the button and take a 360º virtual tour of our stand at Euroshop 2023!

HMY stand at Euroshop 2023

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