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The 5 trending materials for the Health & Beauty sector

Years of growth are consolidated in major changes that will impact Retail in the coming years.


Design and functionality come together in the new Comas Beauty Store

The Health & Beauty sector is probably one of the most fascinating cases in Retail.

It is a highly traditional sector in its conception of sales and consumer relations which, despite maintaining the classical brand-manufacturer and shop-distributor formula, continues to experience stratospheric growth year after year.

The Health & Beauty sector is undergoing a major style makeover.

Sustainable and natural materials set the standard: these are the keys.

The spectacular growth of the beauty industry: from €483,000 million in 2020 to €716,000 million by 2025.


A status quo which, until now, was possible because consumers were segmented in clearly evident niches; and while brands specialised in differentiating their products, distribution was differentiated by price.

However, in recent years the rules of the game and consumers have changed, and this has led brands and distributors to rethink their strategies and positioning.

This change has unleashed an unprecedented renewal of points-of-sale in the sector. Fresh and trendy proposals, greater bearing of experience over product, integration of technologies,…

All based on a new line of materials that are marking a turning point in the design of beauty shops.

This is our selection of the 5 trending materials for the Health & Beauty sector.

Stone textures with great character: The trend in 2022 is undoubtedly natural tones and textures in a celebration and return to traditional materials. Traditional in their conception, but highly refined. In this case, the pore simulation and roughness of the Petra Series adds personality. A material that encompasses two senses for greater realism. Check out the Petra Series datasheet in our MateriaLab.

Smooth ceramics that add elegance: The truth is that this material is not a sector trend; it is a trend for all Retail. The great variety of finishes of the ceramic range of Porcelanosa Krion Solid Surface (smooth, colour, veining, grain, etc.) allows them to fit in the design of any beauty shop. The fineness of its finish adds a high level of style and its resistance to chemical and physical abrasion make it ideal for beauty displays and counters.

Metal takes centre stage with chrome and brushed finishes: Metal is in fashion and has gone from being a structural element of the sector to taking centre stage as a decorative detail. Thus, the new design proposals for the Health&Beauty spaces of leading brands are marking a clear line in which tubular structures are mainly used to add premium details that enhance fittings with bronze, copper, silver and gold tones in chromed and brushed finishes. Check out the chrome or brushed efinishes in our MateriaLab.

Textured woods and melamine to connect with nature: That sustainability dominates Retail is a fact. This is so to the point that nearly all world leaders in the sector have changed their communication strategies to etch a concept in consumers’ minds above all others: natural. Something clearly demonstrated by the recent research published by Euromonitor International (Euromonitor). This trend should undoubtedly be reflected in points-of-sale and traditional melamines have had to renew themselves to offer even more realism and honesty to the sight and touch. Special mention should also be made of the standardisation that is virtually mandatory today of using woods with FSC quality and sustainability certificates. The answer is the Vintage wood series. Rustic finishes with veining and imperfections reminiscent of recovered hardwoods. Check out the Vintage Series datasheet in our MateriaLab.

Recycled woods with hyper-realistic cement effect: If there is one thing that trends of 2022 show us is that textures are dominating beauty shop designs. Even smooth finishes are enhanced with subtle details that displace the concept of artificially “perfect” lacquered finishes, acquiring a personality more in line with ceramic, earthy and stone materials. Bebiendo de unas influencias que mezclan artesanía e industrial a partes iguales, la serie de maderas recicladas Ostuni muestran texturas a medio camino entre el hormigón enlucido y el yeso alisado, dando a los espacios un estilo de taller artístico muy chic. Consulta la ficha de la Serie Ostuni en nuestro MateriaLab.

Are there more trends? Naturally.

Materials are ultimately the basis on which the personality of a brand is built. But the concepts being developed in the sector not only reformulate the aspect of the brands, but also how consumers enjoy them.

That is why the new proposals observed in the sector go a step further and include:

Plant elements as decoration to reinforce the message of sustainability. Something in which brands such as Rituals are already pioneers and whose acceptance is increasing.

Aesthetic design, yes, but also experiential. Aesthetic design, yes, but also experiential.

Let there be light. All redesign needs a new lighting study that properly highlights each element, texture, zone and product. Beauty is ultimately one of the sectors that best understands the importance and effect of light on consumers

Technology will have a purpose or will not be. No more screens installed at the last minute, finding them a place where they originally should not be. A phase resulting from digitalisation that was added as an extra layer over existing designs. Health&Beauty shop designs in 2022 understand that digital elements are an additional aspect of the consumer in-store experience and anticipate integrating them before they become a patch.

Spaces that communicate, but do not shout. One of the most interesting trends is the reduction in offer signage in favour of a more subtle and evocative style. Why not attract and guide consumers with posters and vinyl, lightboxes or digital signage? The right way to escape the price war and increase brand value.

One could think that all these trends are an exercise in creativity for the future, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most of our openings in recent months include one or more of them and the best example is the Comas flagship, in Figueras.

This was the spectacular result:

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