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Payment Ecosystem


We provide solutions to all shop formats that integrate any payment method, taking into account high technical adaptability to the constrains of the point of sales

Payment Ecosystem

The last thing the customer sees in a supermarket is the payment area. It must offer a rapid and convenient service, from receiving customers through to payment, so that they have the most enjoyable shopping experience possible.

Check outs

We invest in R&D to engineer and design customized check outs to each of your needs and specifications.
In addition, HMY's check outs, thanks to their modular design, offer several different combinations for payment, adapting to the establishment’s different needs.

The checkout furniture is designed both for store employees, guaranteeing safety and comfort while working, and for consumers, streamlining the payment process to avoid queueing.

The till is a point of contact between the cashier and the customer: cashiers give customers a one-to-one service, information and help, and listen to their needs.

Chek outs are designed with an ergonomic till unit where cashiers can comfortably work and interact with their customers. It is a functional till. It reduces the employee’s risk of developing musculo-skeletal disorders.

Check outs adapt to all situations thanks to its design, its different dimensions and its multiple options. It can adapt to the requirements of any type of store: retail space, catchment area, average shopping basket, store architecture, number of customers, etc.

Check outs integrate seamlessly with all cashier solutions linked to the payment process. A comprehensive range of options is available, from the most standard to the most specific.

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Self - Checkout

Different automatic payment solutions to deal with real needs of each establishment.

We can integrate all the hardware in the same furniture changing only the back part of the checkout counter. We can manufacture new checkout counters with the payment system already integrated. Or, we can design the external module to put it near to the counter.

In all the solutions, we work with easy maintenance hardware, to avoid the technical assistant service for solving incidents.

HMY SCO and hybrid checkouts can be customized, are ergonomic and easy-to-use. Total flexibility in line with your needs.

Customer guidance for retail establishments

We offer a wide range of products to help with in-store customer movement and traffic. These products are designed according to industry needs, versatile and flexible systems to optimally handle incoming and outgoing traffic at the establishment.

Entry points, furniture and aisle arrangement, check-out, emergency exits… Traffic flows are defined based on in-store traffic density. We will suggest the most appropriate products to guide and control at store entries and exits.

The solutions developed and proposed by HMY meet standards in force in each country and guarantee the utmost security.

Payment Ecosystem successful cases

Our expert track-record of over 60 years has enabled projects like these

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