Setting the pace on retail in EuroShop 2020 - HMY

Setting the pace on retail in EuroShop 2020

After EuroShop 2020, we can say that this has been one of the best events to date. At HMY, we have been able to share how we see retail and the trends that are already being implemented worldwide.

Marking the evolution of retail

Consumers are changing the way they buy and consume at breakneck speed and our stores must be adapted to these changes. Today, technology marks our routine and the way we interact with each other and even with the objects around us.

At HMY we have modernized not only our products and solutions, but also our factories and processes to offer the best service by integrating automated processes and elements that help us have greater control over production and quality.

Not only have we improved our processes to incorporate technology, we have also worked on creating more environmentally friendly and more inclusive retail spaces. This has been achieved by creating barrier-free designs that make life easier for both customers and store staff.

In the field of sustainability, we have opted for EcoDesign in our concepts, increasing the use of reusable and recyclable materials. In addition, we are changing the way we work to minimize and offset our carbon footprint.

Our challenge is to fulfill the 2030 agenda of the United Nations in 2025. We want to be the retail transformation engine of the future, and we know that we will achieve it.

Retail trends in EuroShop

Retail adapts to the way of life and the interaction of the population. Our systems allow the collection of data that help us to know our customers better, to know their tastes and how they move in our store. In this way we learn more about them and we can adapt quickly to changes.

Beyond the data, we know that consumers in different retail sectors have different objectives and behaviors. That is why we have presented different solutions in the different spaces of our 800m2 stand, among which we highlight the following:

Digital mannequin

With the digital mannequin, anyone can learn exactly what the clothes look like. The digital mannequin shows clothes and accessories in a real customizable model by sex and age that can also be seen on the move.

In-store beacon experience

Beacons are small bluetooth devices that can send information and start experiences with any Smartphone in the surrounding area that has this technology activated.

HMY Grab & Go

A solution based on visual recognition and artificial intelligence that transforms stores into unmanned stores, helping to optimize processes, customer experience and data capture, all through a 100% frictionless shopping experience.

Photo Studio

Mobile phones are a product of great demand in which the camera is one of the most important elements. To help customers decide between one device or another, we have created this solution that allows you to test cameras and thus be able to assess their behavior in different scenarios.

Beauty Station

The Beauty Station allows you to record a makeup session in the store and reference the items used. This recording is not only valuable information for the customer, but also content that can be disseminated on social networks, increasing the visibility of the products on them.

Perfume Wall

The perfume wall allows us to recommend our perfume in a personalized way through a different and attractive shopping experience.

AR car configurator

Through the augmented reality a three-dimensional image of the vehicle that the customer wants is created, being able to customize it to your liking.

Where The Human Project came true

This edition of EuroShop 2020 has also been in which our new concept The Human Project was presented to the sector and the world, thus sharing our vision of people-centered retail, because in the end HMY is a company formed by people who work for people . Each member of our team has different preferences, hobbies and dedications. In HMY there are architects, industrial designers, carpenters, engineers, etc. each of them with their own vision, but always with the aim of helping to create attractive and experiential spaces for consumers.

Because we know that the ultimate goal is that, surprise people and meet their needs. And in that we are experts.

We are human.

We are HMY.