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POP, a magnet for Points of Sale

“More than 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store itself”

Foot District

Foot District is what is known in business terms as a "pure player": a business model born for online sales.

Advertising has always played a fundamental role in provoking the purchase impulse in the consumer, whatever the sector we are referring to.

Even though more and more, we access a large amount of information about products before reaching the point of sale, numerous studies reveal that “More than 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store itself”.

Then, how do we attract our public? Defining and promoting trade-marketing strategies and generating POP elements that help enhance brand visibility at the point of sale.

Trade marketing has become an essential tool to promote a product in the place where it is marketed, and thus increase its demand. It is to work the distribution channels to give a better commercial outlet to the products. For this reason, more and more companies are betting on it, and decide to trust us and our experience to get the boost they need.

Having a good POP strategy in the salesroom has become the key to good positioning, since it not only achieves better product exposure but also enhances the presence of the brand in-store, attracting a greater number of clients.

Advertising at the point of sale has become a key element for brands to generate an impact on buyers.

Coordination as a key element: design, installation, and launch of the campaign at the point of sale and in the digital sphere must go hand in hand.

At HMY we have a differentiating element compared to other companies that manufacture POP solutions:

We design each POP based on our clients’ brief, always thinking about production and subsequent rollout (logistics and assembly).

We know the points of sale and distribution like the palm of our hand.

What types of POP do we manufacture?

Posters and Signage: A simple and economical way to capture the customer’s attention at the point of sale. Banners, stoppers, dips, label holders, stickers for floors, aerials… very practical and quick solutions to install and remove.

Exhibitors: These are structures aimed at promoting the products they contain through trade marketing actions. They are located at strategic points and use the elements of the brand’s corporate identity to attract the public’s attention.

Displays and Glorifiers: Independent supports that give prominence to one or more articles. They can be located in gondolas, headers, shelves, at checkout, and even in shop windows or other high-visibility points. Especially recommended for up-selling actions.

Shop windows: Its function is to attract the public to access the interior of the store. A highly versatile space, where the impact must be very high to generate the desired effect on the buyer.

Checkout displays: Perfectly adapted to the payment area, they are placed next to the checkout or the counter and are a great attraction for impulse and cross-selling products.

Product segmentation elements by category: We have a very broad portfolio of visual merchandising solutions that improve product positioning as well as the shopping experience.

Campaigns and events: Sometimes brands decide to bet on holding events as a strategic tool to promote their launches and products. Another type of activation that generates qualitative visibility.

All of this, allows us to carry out comprehensive campaigns inside and outside
the store with 2 fundamental objectives for brands: increase footfall at points
of sale and improve influence on buyers.

Capture the attention of the consumer, the essence of POP

At HMY we are very aware of the influence of POP on the purchase decision of consumers at the point of sale. So much so that, just in 2021, we have carried out more than 3,700 POP projects for our clients, helping them achieve:

A greater visibility to their brand.

A boost to their sales.

An Improvement of the presentation and rotation of their products.

Thanks to our 60 years of experience in retail, we understand and know perfectly the distribution channel. Our expertise added to our constant search and updating of the latest trends in the world of retail, allows us to help brands and retailers to achieve their goals.

The most important thing for us is to analyze the consumption patterns of potential buyers so that we can design and manufacture POP that really helps to improve brand positioning and get customers to become familiar with it.

Our goal is that our clients always achieve their business goals. Therefore, our 361 proposal includes:

Design: Our Consulting and Design teams propose what best suits the needs of each client.

Manufacturing: We manufacture from the simplest display (for example, in cardboard) to the most complex (with integrated lighting, technology, etc.).

Digital content: Another of our services consists of creating, adapting, and managing the brand’s digital content to the format of the screens used in displays or exhibitors.

Implementation of the product: Our staff is specialized in the placement of planograms.

Assembly: In our team, we have expert POP assemblers who are capable of solving any problem immediately and guarantee the success of the project. In addition, at HMY we carry out campaigns at numerous points of sale simultaneously.

In addition, at HMY we develop conscious work and sustainability is an intrinsic part of our company. For this reason, we offer our clients a wide range of sustainable materials and services:

Our design teams work under the 10 principles of ecodesign.

We offer a sustainable dismantling service for stores and campaigns.

We advocate the reuse, reconditioning, and recycling of dismantled goods to promote the circular economy.

Our actions are guaranteed by traceability certificates and we have the corresponding legal documentation.

For us, it is important that each project is efficient and sustainable because the successes of our clients are also ours.

This is what we discovered

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Because our heart is where your store is.
Because we are retail thinkers and space makers.
Because we are the global-local partner that you need.

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