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Health & Beauty, the sector in which the senses influence the purchase decision.

Health & Beauty, the sector in which the senses influence the purchase decision.

HMY Competences in Health & Beauty

Concept & Design

Engineering & Manufacturing

Bespoke and customized shelving solutions


Visual Communication

Integrated technology

SmartECO solutions

Logistics & Installation

Brands and retailers from the Health and Beauty sector are transforming their points-of-sale to answer the question: if our consumers purchase our products to feel good, shouldn’t our spaces convey the same message?

Through new designs focused on well-being, high-quality & sustainable materials and the guidance of our global sector experts, at HMY we help our customers to create spaces that will have a positive impact on consumers.

An impact we replicate across the world in an agile and multi-format way.

A look at a few projects we have developed for some of our customers in the Health & Beauty sector. Worldwide and in all formats.

Some of our main clients in Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty industry successful cases

Our expert track record of over 60 years has enabled projects like these:

Sephora is launching a flagship store in which we have completely remodelled the interior of a historic building in Barcelona.

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Design and functionality come together in the new Comas Beauty Store

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