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Design that celebrates the passion of sports

Design that celebrates the passion of sports

HMY Competences in Sports Clubs:

Space and concept design

Engineering & Manufacturing

Bespoke furniture

Project management


Visual Communication


SmartECO solutions

General contracting

Logistics & Installation

At HMY, we share the passion for sports and the excitement surrounding sports clubs. We believe in the power of sports to bring people together. That's why we channel that belief into spaces that inspire and celebrate the sporting passion to its fullest.

We transform spaces into inspiring havens that capture the unique essence of each discipline and the devotion of its followers. Spaces where every wall shouts passion and every corner beats to the rhythm of your favorite team.

• Design with a sporting spirit: Our commitment is to create spaces that embody the energy and spirit of sports. From the roar of stadiums to the camaraderie of changing rooms, we strive to capture every meaningful moment that makes sports clubs an integral part of fans' lives.

• Spaces with soul: We love breathing life into sports spaces that are not just functional but also feel like a second home for athletes. We craft spaces where stories intertwine, fostering unity and growth both on and off the field.

• Honoring fans' passion: We understand that fans are the heart of any sports club, and our designs pay tribute to their passion, offering an immersive experience that strengthens the bonds between the team and its community.

We grasp the significance of every detail in the sports world and are ready to make your sports space truly special!

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