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Barcelona, Spain

The hardware purchasing centre promotes the transformation of its spaces, setting an example with a mega-space of more than 2,000 m2.

For this Project, we configured different spaces that respond to each of the Cadena 88 product categories. Unique spaces thanks to the finishes and decoration, but with the same soul: our standard P25 system.

Aware of the growing importance of technology in all sectors of Retail, immersive elements could not be missing, such as digital signage, which gives dynamism to shop windows, or a proposal for totem poles with a perfect integration of the e-Commerce of the central purchases.

The finishing touch is the special atmosphere: perfectly integrated visual communication, custom lighting solutions, and the attention of our local teams.

The final result is an impressive showroom, unique in the sector. Developments and finishes that completely transform the image of an industrial warehouse into a welcoming, interactive environment that meets the objective of making visitors fall in love.

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