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Retail trends 2020: Creating new experiences in physical stores

Despite the increase in online shopping, we begin a stage in which service and experience in physical stores are increasingly important.

A new generation of consumers shows preference for physical stores and value ​​the experience. Therefore, the retail sector must take advantage of it and know how to attract this type of audience. These are the users known as ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) who, despite buying in the physical store, seek a homogeneous experience in all the channels of the brand.

For this reason, it is vital that physical stores offer a frictionless purchase, like the online store that eliminates queues and waiting, but with the wealth of experience that only physical stores can offer.

At Euroshop, HMY presents different solutions that will allow to create memorable experiences for your customers.

Unmanned stores

HMY launches HMY Grab & Go, a solution based on visual recognition and artificial intelligence that allows a frictionless experience while capturing data with the highest market accuracy.

It is a solution for Unmanned stores. This new store concept is achieving the objective of improving the user experience as well as reducing waiting times and friction in the purchase process. In addition, these stores are equipped with artificial intelligence via cameras and sensors that monitor the activity of the buyers, obtaining information of great value for the stores.

Interactive showcase

It is a powerful tool to highlight the product at the exact point at which the purchase decision is made, at the same time when the customer shows interest in it.

In addition, it helps to develop the customer journey for the product.

Through this solution, we join digital content to physical products, giving rise to an experience without barriers.

Digital Assistant

Having the advice of an expert to accompany us throughout the purchase process is a factor that people value very much when they visit a store.

The digital assistant fulfills this function by seeking the appropriate staff and allowing advice that can be done both in person and by videoconference.

Interactive shelving

The shelves of our stores can be more than a place for products to live. They can also be a point of connection and interaction with our customers.

Interactive shelving detects the specific position of the customer journey, where the user is showing interest and associates a specific message, product or event. Thus, the store becomes an experiential zone for the user and a point of data collection on consumer behavior for the retailer.

Live a new shopping experience at EuroShop

As you can see, one of the most powerful trends in the retail world is to convert the shopping process in physical stores into multisensory experiences for the consumer, moving more and more away from traditional ways of buying.

If you want to know more about how we can help you from HMY, we invite you to see it yourself and meet us at EuroShop, in Pavilion 13 Stand A47 or you can get in touch with us.