Scalpers grows and diversifies its business - HMY

Scalpers grows and diversifies its business

Scalpers, a Spanish brand that was created as a fashion brand for men, recently launched its new Scalpers Woman line, with the aim of following the growth path and continuing to make inroads into new segments, as it did with children’s fashion.

After the great success with its men’s line, the brand has launched its women’s collection and has the support of HMY for its expansion, which began by developing two shop-in-shops in the Corte Inglés at Campo de las Naciones (Madrid) and Guadalajara.

Diversifying the brand while maintaining its essence

One of Scalpers’ main challenges, which we took on as our own, was to maintain the brand’s essence. The brand was created for men and this had to be transferred to a female audience; not only in terms of the collections, but also the sales spaces.

When designing these shops-in-shops we have worked on a concept that allows us to identify the brand, but also to bring it closer to its new target market with its women’s collection.

HMY consequently had the challenge of adapting the new brand manual to retail. To do this we have refined the look & feel, appealing to the female audience and playing with urban outdoor textures that contrast with the dark wood tones and interior materials that predominate in its men’s line.

Scalpers joins fashion for women

To maintain that gentleman style (or gentlewoman in this case) that is so characteristic of Scalpers, we needed to combine these exterior textures with interior elements, such as a wooden cabinet with cornice and a zipper to regulate the height of the shelves. We thus managed to create a setting that combined street elements with other characteristics of the privacy that a dressing room provides.

HMY has consequently become the ideal partner for this iconic Spanish brand. We have been able to create new sales spaces, aimed at a very different audience, and integrate them into existing ones, with that identity and brand philosophy that is so characteristic of Scalpers.