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Eco-designed furniture for eco-minded people

Over the last few decades and years, consumers have not only changed their buying habits, they have also changed their way of consuming and their values when choosing what and where to buy.

An increasingly important trend, which we must take into consideration, is that of bio and eco products. These types of products have become increasingly important in the space they occupy in commercial establishments and in the lives of customers.

France, at the head of the consumption of bio products

France is one of the countries in which this trend is strongest, ranking as the second country in Europe with the highest consumption of BIO products, according to a study by FiBL and IFOAM. France’s position with respect to its neighbours is largely due to the changes that the French have made to their eating habits. In fact, two thirds of the population in this country already buy at least one organic product per month, as indicated in 2018 by the “Baromètre consommation Agence Bio / CSA Research”.

Brands and retailers are adapting to this trend by offering a greater variety of these types of products and giving them greater prominence in their spaces. However, consumers go further than that, and not only try to eat and drink responsibly, but to participate and collaborate in a responsible sales and production chain, thus making manufacturers face up to their responsibilities.

Added to this is the increasing importance that they give to their nutrition to lead a healthier lifestyle. According to a Kantar study conducted in 2016, 79% of the French agree with this, with a growth of 20 points compared to 2012. This awareness has led consumers to look for healthier, organic, natural and ecological products.

Towards an eco-designed store model

At HMY, we are developing our solutions with the eco-design in mind. For example, we are limiting the number of materials in our products, using a large part of recyclable materials, such as wood and metal. We are also developing new products as steel distributors for bulk products.

At HMY we help you to create or adapt your store to turn it into an environmentally responsible space. This does not only mean an eco-design, because sustainable development forms part of our corporate values. We support you throughout the process, from the design to the installation.

Our three factories in France and the presence of our team throughout the country means that we can guarantee a local and sustainable response and provide our customers with a quality service.

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