Fila continues its expansion and revamping in Argentina - HMY

Fila continues its expansion and revamping in Argentina

The prestigious sports brand FILA will begin an expansion process in Latin America where it will open 3 stores every year and at HMY we are prepared to accompany them throughout the design and conceptualisation process as we have done with the opening of its new Flagship Store.

Concept and design of the new FILA stores
This new flagship store, located on the second level of Unicenter Shopping in Buenos Aires, is therefore one of the brand’s most important spaces in the country.

For its design we have made use of visual communication and illuminated displays, among other elements, based on multimaterial manufacturing that combines traditional materials such as metal, acrylic and LED lighting, but also other premium materials such as Corian® and polished veneered wood.

Through this combination of materials and the chosen colours, we have sought to provide stores with a more urban style closer to the aesthetics of cities such as L.A., New York and Detroit with which their audience may identify more.

This new FILA store will feature a number of the brand’s classic and state-of-the-art models. The main highlights are its FW19 collection and the exclusive Disruptor 2 “Made in Italy” edition with only 3,000 of these trainers in existence in the world.

FILA’s expansion continues
After this new store in Argentina, FILA will continue its expansion process in Sao Paolo (Brazil). This new space in Buenos Aires thus becomes the foundation stone in this expansion process that will allow FILA to expand and gain a foothold in the region.

As a result of our ability to work in multiple countries, at HMY we provide “glocal” solutions that enable the brand to expand while maintaining the same aesthetics and consistency with which the public will have the same brand experience wherever they are.