Retail trends 2020: Unmanned stores. HMY Grab & Go - HMY

Retail trends 2020: Unmanned stores. HMY Grab & Go

More and more, a shopping experience is sought with less friction and less waiting, in which the purchase process is as natural as possible and reduces its difficulty to a minimum.

What are unmanned stores?

In this sense, it is experimenting with concepts of stores in which the customer only must enter, take what they need and leave. Making the payment automatically, without human interaction.

These types of stores are known as unmanned stores and is one of the strongest and most ambitious trends that we can find today in the world of retail.

HMY Grab & Go

HMY Grab & Go is a solution based on visual recognition and artificial intelligence. Thanks to this technology, we can create “unmanned stores” Amazon Go style.

These types of stores that are becoming popular in China and Japan, are an ideal solution for many stores, such as those in the food sectors, where customer visits are frequent and waiting in queues can be a nuisance to them.

How do unmanned stores work?

HMY Grab & Go works by means of cameras that are placed shelves and ceilings where images are analyzed by an artificial intelligence system. From this analysis, data that is useful for the operation of the store are extracted: completed purchases, unpurchased items, stock level, consumer behavior and the customer journey.

HMY Grab & Go technology has a very high accuracy rate of 99.7%, which together, with its easy-to-replicate and install model anywhere in the world, makes it the reference solution for unmanned stores.

The customer accesses the store via identification in the application where they had to register themselves and their debit card. This allows a quick purchase in which the payment is made automatically when leaving the store, without any friction and without waiting.

In addition, this type of purchase facilitates customer loyalty thanks to the ease of use and facilities offered.

Advantages of unmanned stores

The unmanned store offers great advantages for brands and retailers, but also for customers. In addition, HMY Grab & Go has a high image recognition rate.

  • Better customer shopping experience
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Easy to use for the customer: you only need to register as a member with your phone
  • Simple model to replicate
  • Able to recognize possible thefts
  • Integrated automatic alert to replenish stock
  • Detailed analysis of consumers with data such as sex and age
  • Track the trajectory and behavior of the consumer in the store
  • High accuracy in image recognition. The system performs a product recognition every 0.02 seconds with an accuracy of 99.7%.

In addition, HMY Grab & Go does not require that we use RFID technology or weight scales in our store, except for very small items for double checking.

Develop your own concept of unmanned stores

At HMY we help you create your first Unmanned stores anywhere in the world. Find out by visiting our EuroShop booth in Frankfurt during the next days from February 16 to 20. Get your ticket to see it at EuroShop or contact us.