Retail trends 2020: SmartECO - HMY

Retail trends 2020: SmartECO

We know that the world has been increasingly aware of the care of the environment for several years. This trend has been translated into actions aimed at saving energy, reusing materials, etc.

At HMY we have spent many years betting on sustainability and SmartECO. This philosophy is not something that is only written in our values but is reflected in the way we do the things and the services we provide to our clients.

All design will be EcoDesign

At HMY we think about the future and know that for a sustainable future, we must create a new store model that is committed to the use of 100% recycled or controlled origin materials and that minimizes carbon footprints.

This is not only important for the future of the planet, citizens are increasingly aware of sustainability and seek to buy in stores and companies that also have this philosophy.

In this sense, from HMY we work in different ways to make stores as sustainable as possible:

Recyclable material

The materials we choose for our designs are carefully selected. We bet on recyclable or controlled origin material to favor the circular economy.

Energy saving

At HMY, we bet on technology, but we know the importance of energy savings that can be provided.

Zero waste

The accumulation of waste is a big problem in today’s world. That is why we offer our clients solutions that avoid this problem by minimizing or completely reducing waste.

Reusable materials

At HMY, we are committed to the use of reusable materials that are easy to recycle and that can be given various uses to favor the circular economy.

Towards sustainable development by 2030

At HMY, we are committed to the 10 principles of the United Nations global pact, through an action plan linked to the 17 objectives that have been set for sustainable development by 2030.

Generating a positive impact on society

At HMY, we want to generate a positive impact on society. For this, we develop projects and sponsorships that help us to be more involved with our environment.

In addition, we are also very scrupulous in our agreements to ensure that the raw material we use, such as wood, is of legal origin.

Join the SmartECO

If you want to know more about how we can help you from HMY to make your stores more sustainable, visit us at EuroShop or contact us.