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EuroShop 2020: where the future of retail is heading

This year EuroShop 2020 awaits us, a new edition of this fair that brings together brands and retailers from all over the world attracted by the trends and innovations that can be seen here.

For yet another year, HMY will be present with a must-visit stand for any professional interested in innovating and optimising their sales spaces.

HMY in EuroShop 2020

This year we have a large stand where you can find different spaces devoted to different sectors, so that, if your business is devoted to fashion, telecom & electronics, food, automobile or health and beauty, we have a specially dedicated space for you with customised solutions for your business.

In addition, we provide all kinds of comforts to cover all your needs while you are with us: meeting room, cloakroom, bar, etc.

Technology and innovation will be present throughout our space through different solutions that you can find in different points of our stand.

What can we expect from the future of retail?

The world of retail continues to evolve each year and we can observe in it increasingly consolidated trends for the future of retail that we can see at EuroShop 2020.


Consumers are no longer satisfied with buying good products at a good price; they want their consumption to be environmentally friendly. 55% of consumers believe that it is possible to consume as they have always done without damaging the environment.

Demand of consumers

Consumers visit hundreds of shops every month and 70% believe that all stores are the same. Differentiating shops is already a must to catch the attention of an audience that is increasingly saturated with messages and products.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has a great way to go in the world of retail since it can be applied in multiple situations. One of the points being exploited the most is the personalisation in the recommendations to offer customers an individualised service that fits their motivations and interests.

Reduce friction in payment

Whether in the online world or in physical stores, brands and retailers are working hard to reduce friction at the time of payment. Thanks to these types of solutions, entirely different store models are being proposed, such as unmanned stores.

Brand connection

Brands and retailers are increasingly seeking to share moments with their audience, offer them experiences through which they remember them and have a greater recall and greater satisfaction after going to the store.

Don’t get left behind

If you don’t want to get left behind and miss any of the trends that will mark the future of retail, visit us at EuroShop 2020 from 16 to 20 February in Hall 13 and stand A47

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