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How a store optimised its space to get a better customer experience

The effectiveness of stores when it comes to displaying their products more and better does not only depend on the size of the store, the design has a great deal of influence in giving them greater visibility and, of course, making them more attractive to the consumer.

A transformation success

Forum Sport needed a change in its stores to provide a better customer experience and make its products more attractive. After the redesign we have achieved a great deal that we can summarise in:

– Greater visibility of categories and products

– Recovery of unprofitable sections

– Space optimisation

– Better shopping experience

– Greater prominence of the Forum Sport brand

We have consequently managed to completely transform the store enabling it to offer a differential experience and make its space more profitable.

Forum sport: a commitment to space optimisation

With the renewal of Forum Sport, we took another step towards reinventing sports fashion retail, solving the problems of this space through a layout design focused on facilitating customer comfort, finding their way around the store and getting the product to win in terms of attractiveness and visibility.

This model is now continuing its expansion after the redesign of the store in Vitoria to reach the La Bretxa market. For this new space, 1,300 square meters have been renovated and laid out over two floors with direct access from the Boulevard.

Strengthening the customer experience

The design devised by Consulting & Design has opted for the creation of themed areas, a new line of visual communication to reinforce the brand, omni-channelling and reinforcing the Forum Sport brand, giving it credibility and making it more consumer friendly.

The customer experience has been greatly developed thanks to the creation of a display space that includes repair and customisation workshops, which will eventually add presentations, talks and workshops.

Greater prominence for brands

The brands have ephemeral spaces enabled for personalisation and for carrying out promotions. This enables the brands that so wish to have a greater presence and prominence in the store.

As a result, Forum Sport not only offers a better experience for the customers in its store, but also for the brands it works with as it can offer more services.

More than 100,000 items

With its design, this space has managed to make the product shine more thanks to the new layout and the creation of themed areas, but also allows users to check more than 100,000 items and the stock in any store in real time.

This has been achieved thanks to installing touch screens that are used to access the omni-channel sales platform and also enable orders and returns to be made online.

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