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Retail store signage tips

Retail store signage tips

Graphic signage is a beneficial element in stores that plays a significant role in providing information to the public, from motivating them to enter our store to convincing them to buy a particular product or visit a section of our store.


In this article, we will collect some tips to enhance these elements in our store and optimise them properly.



Use short messages

If we want to catch the public’s attention, we must use short and appealing messages that anyone can read without stopping. Sometimes we may be tempted to give a lot of information, but if we do, we run the risk of not catching the public’s attention.


Make it readable and visible.

Even though it is evident, the typeface we use must be easily readable, also at a distance. Sometimes corporate typography is not the best for this type of signage, so it is necessary to use a typeface that works well in these formats.


To make our signage visible, we must also use the right combination of colours that provide contrast but are also attractive to the consumer.



It is important to test different types of messages and measure their effectiveness. In this respect, digital signage combined with Business Intelligence solutions can be very interesting to find out what kind of messages or colour combinations work best with our audience.



All stores use graphic signage to either attract visitors or encourage them to purchase in the store. For this reason, it is important to try to “get out” of our schemes and think of options that allow us to surprise our customers. This implies rethinking messages, colours or even formats within graphic signage.


In this regard, humour is usually an excellent resource we can use to catch our users’ attention.


Don’t forget to help the customer

Graphic signage in-store is very useful to increase our sales, but we must not forget its usefulness in assisting visitors to find their way around our space. Good signage will help us get a better shopping experience and build customer loyalty.


Less is more

Signage catches the public’s attention and sends them a certain message, but if we overuse it, we can end up confusing them. Therefore, we mustn’t saturate our space with messages and focus on communicating what we consider most important.


 Evolution: digital signage and banners


Signage is fully implemented in stores, but digital signage and banners still have a long way to go in retail.


Digital signage offers excellent advantages such as personalising messages so that they change depending on the time of day or the circumstances in the store.


These types of solutions allow customers to interact with the store and have more and better product information, improving their shopping experience.


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