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LPoint: Brand redesign and expansion

LPoint has been in the world of sneakers and streetwear for 30 years. This year they have decided to take a turn in their project and initiate a brand redesign and expansion process that already have visible results.

A brand redesign is not a simple logo change; it is something that goes much further, especially in a retailer that must protect your brand against the cannibalization that may arise from your product. For this reason, brand identity is built on every decision that affects the store design: colours, shapes, materials, etc.

This helps a retailer to maintain and become the brand as a reference in the sneakers world, where everyone consumes all brands, but only the journey of discovery makes you a leader.

A 360 ° project carried out in record time

Thanks to the trust and involvement of the client, at HMY we were able to help them design 6 stores with a 360 ° approach covering all phases of work from design to assembly through 3D rendering, manufacturing, construction and logistics.

For the realization of the fourth store, we had a challenge: to carry it out in just 5 weeks.

The speed in these developments is essential to be able to take advantage of the opening opportunities that arise and thus be able to optimize the process of brand expansion. However, the most important thing is that the client has been very satisfied with the result, highlighting the proximity of the 3D renders to the result, which has even exceeded their expectations.

A new agile store concept

These new LPoint stores have been developed under the concept “Think outside the box” in which we have opted for an urban image, multi-material furniture and very careful lighting design through our Retail Lightning division. Through this combination, we have achieved a spectacular result with which LPoint has been very satisfied.

Another of the big bets in this new store concept has been modular furniture. With this solution, LPoint can modify the furniture appearance and arrangement according to their needs and interests at any time.

This solution gives agility to the stores, allowing you to offer a different image and adapt your space to events and promotions that you may have throughout the year.

Agility and versatility

Agility is one of the fundamental virtues that every store should have, thanks to it we build versatile spaces better adapted to the customer’s needs, offering brands and retailers a simple way to surprise their clients.

The best example is LPoint, the brand with new stores attracting customers and success since the inauguration.

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