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Biomonde, a response to the bio trend

On several years now, consumer preferences and habits have been drastically changing. Along that line, one of the main trends, and one which is having a serious impact on the French market has been the consumers’ commitment to take care of themselves and eat healthier, as well as being more respectful to the environment and demanding that companies do the same.

As a result, more organic products are consumed every day and the fight against waste is gaining momentum, people chose to cook more often, use seasonal foods and reduce the use of certain types of less sustainable packaging, among many other incentives.

To respond to this trend, Jean–Albert Bureau and Anne–Christine Poisson created the Biomonde network, which began with the opening of a 120 m² organic store in the city of Cachan.

A global concept of the bio store

The organisation faced a complex challenge: they needed to create a store concept consistent with the values of the network, but that allowed the associate retailers to respect their own identity and preferences. That’s when they asked HMY to develop this project, the aim being, creating a global concept of a cosy, friendly and organic store that respects diversity.

HMY, with more than 60 years of expertise in the market, is accustomed to finding 360 solutions tailored for all its customers. In this case, we started the project by launching a research and analysis phase, which allowed us to propose a unique and strong identity. In addition to the need for an identity, there were other requirements such as having a design and furniture to display 3,000 products in the 120 m² of sales area, while making the space convenient for consumers.

A comprehensive approach to a 360° project in record time

The HMY team proposed a global concept that included several solutions such as furniture specifically designed to display fruits and vegetables in a small space, which adapts to seasonal products, makes it possible to hide boxes and show prices on small blackboards. We also worked on specific shelving, a rear counter (to display that day’s products), discreet but colourful signs that segment the different areas, and a carefully designed combination of lighting and use of materials.

Despite being a complex challenge, we were able to do it in just three months thanks to our experience, production capacity and the amazing work done entirely by members of our team. In addition, in line with the focus of the project, we also made it possible for the concept to have a sustainable approach since all the furniture was made in our French factories and installed locally by our own assembly teams.

Since it opened, the concept of the store has been very well received and, above all, the first measurable results have already been collected: traffic has increased and consumers are becoming more loyal.