We present the first Shopfitting Guide, the professionalisation of the sector - HMY

We present the first Shopfitting Guide, the professionalisation of the sector

  • We present the first document that compiles the methodology of retail expansion projects.
  • This guide combines our 60 year experience in creating retail spaces and manufacturing commercial equipment for all sectors.
  • Introduces the trends that will dominate retail in 2021.


From retail, for retail

2020 has been a year full of events, new events and even events that have disappeared as we knew them. After everything we have been through, not only should we look ahead and move forward, but we also need to reflect.

As a result, at HMY we have been thinking over the last few months about how to better serve our customers and develop solutions to protect them, but also about the status of the retail sector.

Our first conclusion is that, despite being one of the most complex sectors, the one that integrates the most disciplines and professions (engineers, trades, craftsmen and designers, project and logistics coordinators, marketing, sales and assistance experts, etc.), retail is highly fragmented in terms of its approach.

There are no homogeneous criteria regarding brands’ and retailers’ expansion projects. As a result, each company integrates its own strategies managed by different profiles and teams, such as the procurement, marketing, expansion, trade or merchandising departments.

Any of these approaches is correct, as retail is an essential part of the strategy of companies, which responds to different objectives from time to time. There is probably no single pathway to success, as long as that path follows a strategy and methodology inherent to retail projects.

A methodology that until now was ‘unwritten’.

It is only recently that business schools have begun to incorporate degrees and majors in shopfitting projects. Therefore, our second reflection this year is focused on training. Should methodologies be created? Do we need to generate and share the ‘Best Practices’ of this sector, which is often stagnant and fragmented?

This is why we have created the first Shopfitting Guide. This guide seeks to convey our experience of over 60 years, turning companies’ retail projects into a reality, sharing our knowledge and everything we have learned thanks to our clients.

This guide includes:

  • Our approach to retail in 2020-2021.
  • A reflection on the status of the retail sector and the opportunity it faces to transform society.
  • The phases included in a 360º shopfitting project, both to carry out complete expansion projects and to improve current commercial equipment.
  • An overview of all the trades involved in the creation of commercial equipment for a retail point of sale.
  • The cross-sector elements that must be present in a retail expansion project.
  • The trends that will dominate retail in 2021.

We hope you find this guide useful, so that, based on your own approach and on the guide, you can build projects that involve a change not only in the retail sector, but also in society.

Download the new Shopfitting guide

Download the new Shopfitting guide