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Key elements for expanding retail and point-of-sale formats

  • Which retail formats should be considered in an expansion strategy?
  • How does each point of sale format respond to the business objectives of a brand or retailer?

In recent years, brands and retailers have fostered huge professionalisation in their expansion and marketing departments use of physical points of sale.

 This professionalisation has led them to use stores not only as sales tools but also as systems in a more complex and complete brand strategy. A change that has given rise to the birth of new formats of commercial spaces and the reinvention of the existing ones.

 Opportunities that previously had the sole objective of ‘selling’ now play much more complex roles and seek additional benefits that position the brand and build long term customer loyalty.

 Therefore, decisions regarding the location, design, complexity, quality of materials, technologies, or importance of new points of sale are guided by the business objective pursued within the company’s global strategy.

Some of these may be:

  • Analysis of business opportunities in new local markets.
  • Brand expansion.
  • Brand positioning.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Extending the commercial network to new geographies within a specified period.
  • Etc.

What are the advantages for big brands in opening mega stores or flagships? What is more profitable for a brand, a shop-in-shop, or a corner? What role can pop-up stores play in your brand strategy?

The guide ‘Key elements for expanding retail and point-of-sale formats’ reflects on the expansion strategies that brands and retailers are currently using. You will find the keys to understanding what role each type of commercial space can play in the expansion projects of companies dedicated to large-scale consumption.

A document that will help guide decisions on how much, how, where, and when to invest in creating new points of sale for your brand or improving existing ones.

  • Flagship stores. One of the main trends in retail today.
  • The common concept stores that we are used to. What role do they play in omnichannel retail?
  • Corners or shop-in-shops. Formats with a lot of potential beyond the sale.
  • Displays and stands. A way to highlight your brand…or even other sales channels.
  • Pop-up stores. Are they a suitable format if your brand already has its stores?

Find out all the keys in this guide!

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