We implement your project anywhere in the world

Our international logistics professionals coordinate our proprietary logistics centres and network of collaborator warehouses.

There we centralise the production of our factories to optimise routes and project time frames and costs, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint.

Lean&Green certified logistics.
Sustainable logistics for Retail

We are the first Retail operator in the world with the first Lean&Green star.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to all our operations and our professionals’ good practices allow us to reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain and, thus, of our projects.

Reuse of materials

We provide added value to our clients through our logistics centres, offering them the possibility of managing and taking inventory of closures, remodellings and materials of sales spaces that need to be relocated.

A service with great benefits that allows them to control and redirect their assets to reduce the costs of their next projects.

Relocation of fixtures

We recover, inventory and redistribute existing fixtures among the client’s different points-of-sale.

Temporary storage of fixtures and technology

We act as a warehouse for our client's assets during new point-of-sale opening processes.

Assessment and repair of reusable elements

We analyse the condition of all materials, storing and reconditioning those whose useful life has not ended to save our client's manufacturing costs.

Centralisation and international inventory of promotional material and merchandising for shipping to nearby points-of-sale.

We provide our clients with an intermediate point for the storage, inventory and redistribution of the promotional materials of all their suppliers.

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