Digitalising promotional activity in store - HMY

Digitalising promotional activity in store

For years now, the effectiveness of promotional animation has been well proven and, on occasion, it is essential to position and differentiate the product. It allows you to conquer the buyer, attract potential customers and even tilt the purchase decision to one side or the other while sharing the essence of the store and the brand.

Therefore, both retailers and brands have used it for such important moments as launching new products or reducing excess stock without demand. However, like everything else, it has to move with the times and, today, it must be digital and immersive to attract the consumer and provide a differential experience.

In line with this need, we have created the “Transparent Display”, a solution where the products are enhanced creating a storytelling around it.

Thus, for example, you can project the characteristics or functionalities of the product, a promotional animation or highlight a brand’s universe. In short, it makes it possible to transmit a digitalised storytelling, sublimating the product and managing to increase sales.

This all takes place inside a dark box which manages to differentiate the product we want to highlight.

In addition, this technology, like all those developed by HMY, can be adapted and integrated into any type of fixture or commercial format.

This is another step in our commitment to offer the consumer memorable shopping experiences through developing innovative and immersive digital products such as the “Transparent Display” which help our clients attract consumers to their points of sale.