HMY's friend Fundación Lealtad, launches the Donate with trust stamp - HMY

HMY’s friend Fundación Lealtad, launches the Donate with trust stamp

  • Trust is the main reason to collaborate with an NGO
  • The Fundación Lealtad analyses associations and foundations to ensure that they fully comply with the 9 principles of transparency and good practices.

At HMY, we understand that companies must do business in a responsible way by promoting good practices and this is especially relevant in the field of NGOs where trust is essential.

As a company we take it a step further in social responsibility by supporting the Fundación Lealtad, a non-profit and independent institution whose mission is to foster societies trust in NGOs in order to achieve an increase in donations.

The Donate with Trust Stamp

Fundación Lealtad latest initiative has been the launch of the donate with trust stamp, which identifies NGOs that are transparent, with efficient management and control of funds.

This accreditation is already held by more than 225 NGOs. A group of organisations that manage a volume of funds of 1,176 million euros and serve more than 43.5 million beneficiaries. They have around 107,000 volunteers, 30,000 employees and the support of 1.9 million members. 80% have social action as their main field of action, while 16% are involved in development cooperation, 2% in scientific research associated with health, 1% in humanitarian aid and another 1% in the environment.

Now more than ever, donating with trust is possible. Meet the more than 225 NGOs that have the Stamp of approval.