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You'll love sneakers more than anything else.


2 locals - 500m2

1 year 6 months

Project highlights

Product Innovation

Brand Communication

Voice & Language

Experiential Design





Foot District is what is known in business terms as a "pure player": a business model born for online sales.

In 2016, under their growth plan, they take the decision to set up physical stores. The same exercise that most traditional retailers are doing but in reverse, instead of offline to online they go from online to offline (O2O).

Faced with this important strategic decision, they look to HMY. Foot District's passion for sneakers and our passion for retail are quickly blended to create a destination shop concept* capable of generating a pilgrimage effect among the followers of this lifestyle who are looking for a unique experience.

In 2018, we have once again revolutionised this concept, halfway between retail and art gallery, because that's how we understood this great new project, in which all the HMY teams and the client once again collaborated hand in hand.

Gamification and technology

The “sneaker snatcher”: a machine that democratised the process of pre-sale of limited edition sneakers. The “jordan room”: a glass cube that turned the user into the video jokey of the store through an interactive table, which transformed the jokey of the shop through an interactive table, which transformed the environment into an environment into an audiovisual mega-projection.

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