Turnkey Retail projects worldwide

We create memorable spaces where your brand and the consumer experience converge and come to life. This is made possible by our 360-degree vision of Retail, global scope and more than 60 years of experience dedicated to Shopfitting and store creation.
100% industrial, 100% artisanal
We integrate all Shopfitting disciplines into a production process that combines methodology and industrial capability with an artisanal approach and attention to detail. Our goal: to convert every space into something unique.

Thanks to our global factory and supplier network, we optimise production to undertake projects of any scope, lowering costs, streamlining processes and reducing time frames and environmental impact.
Your brand is global, your consumer is local
At HMY we are leaders in global Retail projects thanks to a structure that combines centralised management with local Shopfitting management and installation teams

Project Managers: the focal point of the project.

Project Managers are the guiding threads of the projects, ensuring that quality standards, time frames and budgets are fulfilled.

They are multi-sector experts who analyse and plan each project, distribute and organise resources at a global scale and guarantee delivery. The perfect combination of scope, control and agility.

Experts in each sector

HMY is composed of experts in each Retail discipline and sector. Global Sector Directors with extensive experience who understand their clients’ strategy and work together with the Project Managers, engineers and production centres, contributing their specific market and consumer knowledge to the projects.


We develop and integrate technology at the point-of-sale from the design stage.
We analyse your sales and brand positioning processes to design omnichannel experiences with a clear goal in mind: to revolutionise the way people relate to Retail and your brand.

Leaders in sustainable Shopfitting

True innovation is sustainable. We transform your spaces and sales processes, making them more sustainable through ecodesign, smart logistics management and waste reduction.

Discover more about how we can transform your stores and make them more sustainable.

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