Connected through sustainability

At HMY, we know everything is connected. That is why we strive to improve this connection day by day, always bearing in mind the sustainable satisfaction of our customers, our employees, the community and, of course, the planet.

Committed to Transparency

We are fully committed to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, through action plans linked to the 17 goals defined in sustainable development for 2030.

Committed to the environment

The aim is to reduce our carbon footprint, to reach zero waste thanks to a circular economy and to promote sustainable development. Additionally, we are meticulous about the legal trading of wood and its derivatives.

Committed to Society

We aim to have a positive impact on our surroundings, and to achieve this we are developing projects and sponsorships which guarantee our involvement and collaboration with those most in need.

Committed to Ethics

At HMY, we have and foster the highest level of ethical commitment with our supply chain, suppliers, customers and everyone who forms part of the HMY team. By respecting our values and ethic code, we safeguard the proper functioning of our policies and our commitment to society.

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