Global network of installation teams

For HMY, assembly is just as important as manufacturing. Anywhere in the world and regardless of the type of store and sector, our installation teams fulfil a unified response time and quality standard to achieve the best result.

Continuous training, certification and innovation

All our installers undergo continuous training and each earns HMY certifications that endorse them as multidisciplinary specialists in each of the necessary areas for executing turnkey retail projects.



Handling of heavy loads


Installation of Technologies


Occupational risk prevention

Security and access management

Real-time control and reporting

Our services are seamlessly designed. We have developed the necessary tools for our customers to supervise the progress of their installations, receive reports and approve each project in real-time. Control and trust.

Our reporting app and methodology allows us to anticipate most incidents.

Projects on a global scale

We are client-focused and scale our capacity by each project. This is made possible by our mix of own teams and collaborators throughout the world, who we train and lead as though they were part of the HMY family.

Local action and reducing the carbon footprint

We strive to ensure that our projects are executed in the most sustainable way. That’s why we coordinate our response teams with the commitment to assign the nearest team to each store.

Our presence in over 90 countries and our global network of collaborators allows us to reduce transport and, thus, our carbon footprint.

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