360-degree comprehensive maintenance services for Retail

We believe that the quality of a brand is reflected in the attention given to its points-of-sale and fixtures. That’s why we offer brands and retailers the best maintenance coverage in the sector and in Retail.
  • Post-installation cleaning.
  • Product placement and alarm fitting.
  • Storage of materials.
  • Safety audits.
  • Brand events and activations.
  • Prior relocation of shop fittings.
  • Deployment of point-of-sale promotional campaigns.
  • Onsite repair of elements.
  • Replacement of damaged elements not reparable onsite.

Proactive maintenance: To keep your points-of-sales looking their best.

Certified professionals in the installation and maintenance of spaces and fixtures regularly supervise our clients’ installations, assessing the state of repair of all the store elements following the brand’s service and quality standards.

We are digitalised to be better in person

Through our reporting app, point-of-sale managers will always have the latest report of their installations and all the information will be recorded in our systems.

Additionally, we offer the possibility of personalising the installation and after-sales application to adapt it to the brand’s guidelines.

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