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Our experience for over 60 years as global leaders in retail solutions and human capital, with extensive experience in each of the sectors in which we operate, endorses us as the best strategic partner for your brand.

We help the sector transition towards sustainability and new consumer habits through innovation in new materials, waste transformation processes and technologies.

We place our global coverage and technology integration at the disposal of a sector that is facing major challenges in Retail: alternative formats and customer experience at the heart of the business strategy.

A sector whose products with unique characteristics require a Retail solution provider specialising in the display of heavy, bulky and complex elements.

Practising sports has become a way of life and this must be reflected in-store décor, fittings and technologies to convey this message to the consumer.

The great fragmentation of the sector and constant product renewal requires an agile and flexible response capacity with attention to quality to apply new concepts to brand and retail spaces.

The evolution of the relationship between consumers and the sector requires transforming stores into spaces of well-being in which to create sensory experiences that will strengthen their bond with the brand.

The fast expansion of this sector requires a partner with expertise supporting brands and retailers in their global Retail projects with an integrated approach.

We place our specialist staff at the service of a sector with global coverage and the most demanding standards in terms of safety, legislation and versatility of premises and operating procedures.

We offer our experience in the creation of memorable purchasing experiences to a sector that is reinventing its spaces into “experience stores” where customised assessment is key.


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