RFID Inventory

With an RFID-technology based device package, we obtain real-time inventory, including the specific location of the products in the retail space. The RFID inventory solves problems stemming from shortages and from losing sales due to lack or stock or replacement.

Handheld RFID reader
Obtains the inventory of products in a space with a high read-rate (typically above 98%). Handheld RFID readercan be used for encoding RFID tags on its own (without an RFID printer). It can also print and encode RFID soft tags by using it together with rfid tags printing.

RFID tags printing
It is a printing and encoding solution for soft RFID UHF tags. It works together with the Handheld RFID reader. By scanning items with the handheld reader, the tags printing prints and encodes the corresponding RFID tags.

RFID Encoding
It is an encoding station for paper and hard RFID UHF tags. It easily and quickly encodes hundreds or thousands of RFID tags. A RFID tagged item is placed over encoding station, the barcode scanner reads the label with the barcode y and the EPC code of the RFID tag is automatically encoded.

Encode the RFID tags with password protection. In this way, the tags cannot be rewritten without the password, which increases the security of the overall application.

RFID Antennas
RFID Antennas obtain a real-time inventory with the location of the items. They also detect items that are not in their correct location.

Antennas are provided with RFID multiplexers and readers that are positioned approximately every 1.5m.Each aerial retrieves information on the location and identification of every tagged item every few seconds.

Advantages of RFID Inventory devices:

Advantages of RFID Inventory devices:

  • Updated inventory.
  • Quick location of items.
  • Detection of out-of-place items.
  • Increases product availability.
  • Reduction of stockouts.
  • Easy to use: Plug&Play.
  • No need of an external computer.

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