RFID Anti-theft

Loss-prevention system at store entry or exit

RFID mat

The RFID mat uses an invisible anti-theft barrier system. It has four high-efficiency UHF RFID antennas to monitor people and labelled items.
The RFID mat color and material may be customized.

RFID antennas – RFID anti-theft antennas

This detects all elements that go beneath the RFID antenna, verifying if these items have been paid for, and an alarm goes off if an article has not been paid for.
In both cases, the main advantage is that, besides preventing theft of items, it leaves the entry and exit areas of establishments open. It improves the aesthetic of store entryways.

Loss-prevention systems in the store

This is a highly useful system for valuable products that are normally exhibited in glass cabinets to prevent theft. By placing RFID antennas and labelling these products with RFID labels, we can keep them under control. In the event that a high number of these items are removed, an alarm goes off so that the security guard can come to the area.
This early-alert system is a huge help in preventing possible theft. Sales can be increased, since it is no longer necessary to exhibit the items in a glass cabinet.
For this application, no RFID encoding is needed. A normal roll of RFID labels that can be placed in the store is sufficient.

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