Customized Dashboards

A customized dashboard is an online data management platform designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind where is possible to generate real time reports based on customized filters that can be selected and crossed.

This data allows that the Top Management can take decisions about concrete campaigns, products, new launches or even strategy quickly, as they are receiving real time information and can cross and compare specific data to reach clear conclusions.

Allows to create a dashboard in a few clicks and discover the analysis results.

It securely gathers audience and traffic metrics from all the installed sensors, and exposes it through API and various export possibilities. It raises alerts in case of anomaly and ensures no data is ever lost or redundant.

A customized dashboard automatically builds informative reports, that gather the most significant charts and KPIs based on the anonymous audience and traffic data from many measurement points.


  • Rely on a SAAS platform that is already storing several billion records for hundreds of customers.
  • Check KPIs to assess the performance and benchmark yourself.
  • Get instant info on what to focus.


  • Is possible to compare different contents launched through digital signage and the mood of the audience for each one
  • Also is possible to measure if the main target consumer has watched a concrete promotion video and if they were enough time to see the whole message.
  • If we integrate a sensor inside a brand display, we will measure the attraction ratio of that display and we could compare this data with a sensor installed at the old previous display, to check the effectiveness.
  • Measuring Inventory at the point of sales can improve the manufacturing planning and reduce the stockouts drastically.

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