Audience Analysis Cameras

Nowadays, shopping experience can be measured and analysed thanks to different sensors installed at the store. When implementing different solutions to improve the experience it is also necessary to check if these actions really contributed to improve the consumer experience or reach properly the campaign launched. Therefore, this data could give to retailers and brands priceless information.

  • Scene analysis: to estimate the potential number of people to attract at that place.
  • Face detection: to count the watchers.
  • Face tracking: to measure the attraction ratio of those watchers and the dwell time at that point.
  • Face qualification: to estimate gender, age, face features (beard, glasses) and mood of the watchers.
  • Gate crossing: to estimate the number of people who cross a virtual gate, when the camera is set on the ceiling.

Audience analysis cameras can be integrated at specific points, just above a screen or videowall or integrated at a display, shelving or hot area inside the store.


  • Is possible to change dynamically the messages launched by digital signage depending on the person or group of people we have just in front.
  • Is possible to gather this data to build reports that can helps to take strategic decisions.
  • Is possible for instance to launch customized promotions and, depending on the level of smile of the customers print a coupon with a higher discount on a concrete product.

Audience analysis cameras solution gives to the retailer the opportunity to capture qualitative and quantitative data through anonymous video analytics.

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