Racks-storage and display shelves – StoRacking

Designed to hold all kinds of merchandise, even the heaviest, all while facilitating organization, classification and handling.

The StoRacking storage shelving system’s multiple combinations make it possible to get full use of the store and available volume, since the display and storage can share the same space, thereby reducing the surface area used for storage.

For light loads, there are two lines:

  • With shelves: 950 and 1,250 mm wide, which have been adapted to the boxes used in Drive shops
  • With cross-shelves: 2,000 and 2,500 mm long, suitable for the storage very large products that are not very heavy

For medium or heavy loads, combining shelving and rack, the system is divided in two zones:

  • Upper: for the storage of products of any size or to create ambiences, which is useful to highlight the image of the products since these spaces become points that draw the attention of the customers
  • Lower: for the products that we want to display. Here the products are accessible for the customer to take and buy. In this part we integrate the standard shelves

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