Automatic payment – Checkout Cash management

Different automatic payment solutions to deal with real needs of each establishment.

We can integrate all the hardware in the same furniture changing only the back part of the checkout counter. We can manufacture new checkout counters with the payment system already integrated.

Or, we can design the external module to put it near to the counter.

In all the solutions, we work with easy maintenance hardware, to avoid the technical assistant service for solving jams.

Advantages of automatic payment system:

  • Fast and effective printing and coding.
  • Rapidity at checkout time:
  • Productivity improvement.
  • Staff Optimization, flexibility and mobility.
  • Improvement of customer service.
  • Easy to use.

Losses reduction:

  • About mistakes giving changes.
  • About fakes.
  • Possible internal or external thefts.
  • About counting mistakes.
  • Increased security: checkouts can be like safety deposit box inside the store.
  • Auxiliary material reduction (blister, bags…).

Cash management time reduction and all expenses related to:

  • Start-of-shift and start-of-shift duration.
  • Float-input management.
  • Minimizing discrepancies.
  • Total control of cash inside the store in real time.

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