Yamaha: an innovative concept with global reach

The Yamaha project


Yamaha has set a clear goal: to design innovative points of sale while keeping the concept consistent, and remaining loyal to the concept’s most representative elements.

The challenge is to design, manufacture and install up to 3000 points of sale in Europe within three years and to achieve this, we had to meet the upcoming rollout, by redesigning most of the furniture for standardised manufacture, while offering custom solutions to each individual country.

An innovative concept in the automotive sector

Yamaha intends to bring about a revolution in how products are displayed, by transforming shops according to an innovative concept which divides the spaces into three blocks: Race, Feel and Move, grouping the brand’s products according to the type of each user group.

This is a highly differentiating proposal since no other automotive company organises its displays in the same way. The goal is to exhibit less but better and to foster cross-selling between vehicles, clothing and accessories adjusted to each individual customer.

Another distinguishing characteristic is the fact that traditional sales desks will disappear and be replaced by a welcome area where, customers can interact with a touchscreen to access personalised configurations, new features and promotions.

An attractive environment is created by the addition of natural materials. As well as being a reference to the brand’s Japanese roots, these touches bring balance and harmony to the space.

A partner with global reach

After spending two years researching and creating this ground-breaking concept, Yamaha needed a committed partner to implement its new shop model in Europe where it has over 1500 motorbike shops (PTW) as well as over 1500 marine shops (MARINE).

With its network of over 90 commercial offices and its factories across the five continents, HWY combines global reach and local response and, as a result, offers fast and high-quality worldwide service. At the same time, it has a close relationship with local customers and adapts to the specific characteristics of each individual country and consumer profile. As such, HMY guarantees that the same product is delivered anywhere in the world with the same technical specifications, the same quality standards and within the deadlines and prices defined by its customer.

HMY has a brand-dedicated multidisciplinary team with global reach which works to improve the processes and support local teams during implementation. Additionally, the company has a special warehouse reserved for Yamaha in France.

HMY offers to manufacture furniture as well as to identify the customer’s needs, propose solutions and take the necessary actions in as profitable a manner as possible. To improve a project’s profitability it is essential to refine the production, packaging and logistics.

The result of this project is 3000 shops in total motorbikes (Power to Wheels) and marine products (Marine), as well as six pilot shops in France, Spain and Norway and local support in 22 countries.

If you wish to find out more about our project for Yamaha, please read the case study we have put together.

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