Providing solutions to DIY retail

It is common that when we go to any establishment to make a purchase, we do so with the intention of obtaining a final product ready for use. However, there are certain occasions on which the product is purchased in order to be part of a whole, which has to be achieved through the buyer’s intervention. It is what is known as Do It Yourself.

Hardware stores, DIY stores, home and garden furniture, and so on. In short, all retailers or brands that sell all kinds of tools and materials for consumers to build whatever they need for their home themselves.

In general, home improvement products are commonly distributed through large retail chains that meet the need of the DIY concept. However, it is not only the large chains that are applying it, it is also part of the DNA of many smaller establishments.

Therefore, at HMY we handle helping all those retailers or brands, large or small, to share knowledge and resources in order to provide the best solutions to each specific case.

Consequently, we adapt our knowledge to different sectors to implement the best measures and solutions that help our clients to sell more and better. We have implementation manuals based on accumulated experience intending to offer them practical advice that can be applied in establishments to optimise the space and ensure the best visibility of the products.

Do-it-yourself consumers are already making an effort to get what they want. Therefore, it is even more important if at all possible to give them the best facilities to find what they need. The layout of the shelves, the heights that are chosen, their distribution within the establishment and the direction of the lights. Every detail counts when it comes to making a difference. Therefore, at HMY we work every day to continue moving towards models that allow us to help our clients to be the best.

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