What Trends Will We See in Retail In 2018?

Many of us want to know the answer to this question so that we can stay up to date and show that we are keeping up with the latest trends. That is why we stay informed, visit trade fairs, and listen to the experts…

In the last few years we have been making a lot of progress with technology in retail, the sustainability of our establishments, brand positioning and customizations. But what will happen in 2018?

A transformation is underway in which we are all immersed in our work and leisure, and technology is a key point in all of these changes. At this point brands and retailers are working to adapt to this need by seeking innovations that will become trends.

Many of these will be a combination of what we are currently predicting, while others may be an evolution or a development on trends from the past few years.

In any event, the key is to be prepared and to be able to adapt to what is coming. That is why today we want to give you a little preview of what is to come, in order to analyze which options are best suited to each type of brand or retailer.

The Key to Customer Loyalty Is Excitement

The customer’s experiences and emotions are key to ensuring that they will return to your store. In this sense, the trend of focusing on the customer’s experience that we create in retail spaces will continue.

Now, how can we make our spaces exciting? It is not an easy task, but there is a clear trend towards using technology to accomplish this. Applying technological solutions to commercial spaces deepens the relationship between the customer and the brand which creates a complete experience for them. As an example, we will mention providing more product information. This allows your products to be compared visually and efficiently and to be experienced in many different ways. Customers are also able to find exactly where a product is located and to learn the whole story behind the brand or the product.

The Defining Moment for Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel retailing is something that we have been talking, learning and debating about for many years. Many large brands and companies have been applying this sales strategy for some time in order to reach further and better satisfy their customers, but recently we have been seeing a greater focus on this for retail businesses.

Technology allows physical stores to connect with e-commerce and vice versa, allowing the customer to move from one medium to another according to their needs. To do this successfully, it is essential to integrate both digital and physical channels, with the end goal of creating a unique purchasing experience.

The Potential of Mobile Payment

Mobile payment is a practice that will progressively become more widespread. If you haven’t used it yet, your first time doing so will likely be in 2018. This is because, as there are more and more applications and possibilities for making payments using a cell phone, there will also be more and more stores and shops that offer them.

However, these businesses must keep in mind that it is not just a matter of satisfying customer demand. To the customer this option seems faster and easier than payment with cash or cards, but there are also many benefits to be gained from mobile payment.

All of these will come from the data and information obtained through this payment system and, of course, from how that information is used. With a good analysis of things like purchasing habits, frequency, products and services, you can greatly increase efficiency and, at the same time, improve what is being offered to the customer to attract and encourage them.

Personalization in Stores

Customers are looking for personalized spaces in stores where they can have a unique experience.

This customization can be achieved through technological solutions. These could be the latest innovations in digital signage, which allow you to control the content shown on them and adapt them to every situation.

It also involves the use of custom furniture and the integration of the brand’s values into the conception and design of spaces, which allows customers to experience the brand when they visit the store.

The Relationship with the Customer

Another trend that has been taking shape in the past few years which, without a doubt will still be present in 2018, is a focus on communication with customers and their relationship with brands.

In today’s global world, especially with so much technology, many customers appreciate the return to personalized and caring attention from retailers, reminiscent of the old shopkeeper in the neighborhood who was almost like family. We know that in today’s world this is a utopian idea, but it is true that once you make that first connection, there are many ways in which you can connect with the customer. They will thank you for it and this will lead to progress in the retailer’s performance.

We are not only referring to polite and friendly treatment towards customers, but also to presentation, content and personalized offers, based on their tastes, previous purchases and other characteristics related to their place of residence, age, etc.

We are not saying that these are going to be the only trends in retail for 2018, but we are sure that they will be very present and that they will influence the retail sector in both the short and medium term future. For this reason, it is worth considering them and keeping them in mind going forward. As we said before, it is likely that they will stop being trends and become a basic and common part of most businesses.

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